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Current Pilot Project Investigators (2019-2020)

Ben Domingue, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Education


Dr. Domingue's current CDEHA pilot project, "Genetic Cognitive Epidemiology: Using Molecular Genetic Data to Explore the Link Between Cognition and Mortality", seeks to decompose the relationship between adolescent cognitive ability and long-term health outcomes. See more>>>

Randall Stafford, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow



Dr. Stafford's current CDEHA pilot project, "Sleep and Well-being in the Elderly: Is Deterioration Preventable?",  elucidates the inter-connections between sleep quantity and quality, lifestyle health behaviors, and multiple dimension of well-being in the elderly. See more>>>

Laurence Baker, PhD

Professor of Medicine



Dr. Baker's current CDEHA pilot project, "Team Work Experience and Team Performance: Evidence from Doctors", explores the role of team work experience in shaping physician quality and cost performance in care for the elderly. See more>>>